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I have been wondering how to keep the tags in a blog to describe its content accurately. As I’m not the most disciplined person, tagging posts correctly and precisely is not what I’m best at. During my work I encountered someone who had made use of Wordle. He used Wordle to quickly analyse the contents of a website. The result was great. Simply counting the words seemed a simply and effective way to accurately describe the contents of a site.

So I ended up creating two plugins: one for creating tag-clouds that have the “Wordle” look and feel, and one for “tagging” posts, simply by enumerating all used words in a post. The first is described on an other post: ImageCloud plugin. The second has become the “text2tag” plugin.

The text2tag plugin can be downloaded from WordPress: Text2Tag.
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New website new content

Hi all,

A fresh start for my new blog. New look and feel, new content. This time I plan to write more on my experiences with different technologies I encounter during work and at home. I’ve noticed that I learn a lot of what people share on the Internet, so this will be my corner where I can contribute…

More content to follow…



This page shows an overview of all words used on this blog.



This site is made using WordPress, the excellent blogging tool. One of the great things about WordPress is that it is so easy to extend. For example the layout of this blog is an theme extension. Furthermore the pictures are managed using the Yet Another Photoblog plugin.

In order to have this blog do exactly what I want, I’ve created a few plugins of my own:

  • text2tag plugin A plugin that collects all used words in posts and pages into a taxonomy (e.g. the post tags). This creates a taxonomy with a pretty accurate overview of what a blog is about.
  • ImageCloud plugin This plugin creates Wordle-like tag-clouds using gif images. An example of such a cloud you can find on my tags page. Actually this cloud is created in combination with the Text2Tag plugin.
  • XP Uploader A plugin that allows images to be uploaded to a YAPB enabled blog using the XP Web Publish Wizard. This makes it possible to upload images to your blog directly from Windows XP Explorer.
  • YAPB Bulk Uploader This plugin adds mass image upload functionality using a Flash Uploader. The benefit of this plugin over the XP uploader is the operatating system independence and the fact that you do not have to configure anything on your desk- or laptop.

Any suggestions to or questions about these plugins are welcome!


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