text2tag plugin

I have been wondering how to keep the tags in a blog to describe its content accurately. As I’m not the most disciplined person, tagging posts correctly and precisely is not what I’m best at. During my work I encountered someone who had made use of Wordle. He used Wordle to quickly analyse the contents of a website. The result was great. Simply counting the words seemed a simply and effective way to accurately describe the contents of a site.

So I ended up creating two plugins: one for creating tag-clouds that have the “Wordle” look and feel, and one for “tagging” posts, simply by enumerating all used words in a post. The first is described on an other post: ImageCloud plugin. The second has become the “text2tag” plugin.

The text2tag plugin can be downloaded from WordPress: Text2Tag.
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New website new content

Hi all,

A fresh start for my new blog. New look and feel, new content. This time I plan to write more on my experiences with different technologies I encounter during work and at home. I’ve noticed that I learn a lot of what people share on the Internet, so this will be my corner where I can contribute…

More content to follow…


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